China Is Calling?

We have been receiving your calls (中国) but alas, there is a language barrier (翻译). We are intrigued and curious as to what you have in mind (你的申请?) regarding licensing (许可协议). Perhaps we can communicate through e-mail (电子邮件) so that it can be easily translated. 请再次联系! 我们祈求联系。

Your move.




告诉宇宙! 现在!!

13 思考"China Is Calling?”

  1. With the fast pace of technology’s evolution right now, I think there are communicaiton apps alreasy that readily translates what you say. Or, you can just go to the basic one of using Google Translate. The words may be jumbled but, for sure, you can read through context and on a bigger picture.

  2. This might be becoming frustrating to both of you. I hope you can find a friend or someone who can speak English and Chinese. If there’s none, try using email instead and translate it using Google Translate.

  3. I told you to be positive. China will call again. The email bit is better for you because you can ask Google Translate to translate it for you. I hope you get to make a good partnership regarding licensing with China.

  4. I can really understand why you want the message through an email it will be a lot better for you to comprehend than when called.Language barrier is really a problem when people from different countries.I hope the caller email you instead.

  5. I know the feel, the language barrier can be such an obstacle, specially in business, once i purchased some really expensive machines for my spa from china and the communication with the seller was exacly like this email

  6. Emailing will be a better option,since even calling you back will still need a translator,so both of you can email yourselves since an important information is to be communicated.Language barriers has always being a huge communication problem.

  7. I agree, it would be better if you communicated through email so that you can both talk without needing a translator. Likewise, you could have further negotiations regarding various matters and have privacy as you converse with each other. Your topic might be an urgent matter so an email would be very much the best option to use.

  8. It’s really hard to communicate when there is language barrier. Even two people speaking fluently with the same language is having a hard time communicating to one another. How much more to people who don’t speak the same language and don’t have a common language to speak.